Marlena's 50th Birthday Bash

In June of 1998, Marlena threw a party to honor her 50th birthday and the rite of passage it represented. She threw a party to end all parties, including a "boomitzvah" honoring other "baby boomers" attending. Also, with the collaboration of Rita Abrams and featuring a seasoned professional cast, she wrote a show that parallels five decades of major historical events in relationship to her true life experiences. Please click the links below to read the invitation, decade costume guidelines, program, and Pacific Sun Article, and click to watch the video on YouTube. The celebration is the first part of the YouTube video; you can also click just to see the very funny and outrageous show where indicated.

" our heads, let the pictures come-if we close all our eyes together, then we will see where we all come from..." -Mick Jagger

Invitation Decade Costume Guidelines Program Pacific Sun article Watch "Marlena's 50th, a Hysterical Perspective"