When will I get my tax refund?

This page provides information about checking tax refund status for the IRS and the state of California. If you are looking for refund status from another state, a web search on "[state name] tax refund status" may get you the information you need.

IRS Refunds

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The IRS generally issues refunds within 21 days after receiving your tax return. The IRS provides a website for checking your federal tax refund status. Wait until at least 24 hours after your tax return has been e-filed before checking the status. For paper returns, wait until at least 4 weeks after you've mailed in your return before checking. For more information on checking federal refund status, see the IRS Where's my refund? web page.

To check your refund status, you need the following information:

When you have that information ready, go to the IRS Refund Status web page.

California Refunds

Tax refunds from the state of California are generally received within 7-10 days after e-filing your return, or 8-12 weeks from the date you mailed your return, if you submitted a paper return. For more information on checking California state refund status, see the FTB's Check Your Refund Status web page.

To check your California personal income tax refund status, you need the following information:

With that information at hand, go to www.ftb.ca.gov/online/refund/index.asp and click the Check Refund link.